Monday, September 2, 2013

Ultimate Packing Checklist

1. Hunter Boots - yup. Can't tackle the London rain without them.
2. Burberry Trench Coat - I wish...
3. Canon Rebel T3i- you betcha. It's basically my life source.
4. Rick Steve's London - according to the Finley's a trip is not complete without Rick. So of course I have him packed up! (Hopefully he gets enough air in my suitcase)
5. Laptop - how would I survive without it?
6. lulu's - let's be honest. I packed all of mine.
7. Blazers and sweaters - check & check!
8. iPhone - I may have a fancy camera these days but I'm still loyal to Instagram.
9. Underwear - Maybe not enough...........
10. MY SENSE OF ADVENTURE AND OPEN MIND!!!!! - Let's hope to God I don't forget those at home!!

The day has finally come! Woop woop! (That was for you Trevor, Jeremy, and Mariel) Catch ya later, America! Wish me luck! And I leave you with this: a photo of me and my dog. Hope you enjoy it :)

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