Sunday, November 17, 2013

Camden Market

London is crawling with all sorts of markets, food markets, clothing markets, meat markets, but Camden Market is where you can find a little bit of everything.  It is sprawled all across Camden - the stomping grounds of singer Amy Winehouse. Markets are also a good place to do some bartering... something I never quite got the hang of.  But on a nice fall day it never hurts to just go grab lunch from one of the many ethnic food carts.

Catching Fire WORLD Premier

The second movie in my favorite trilogy had its world premier in Leicester Square! I couldn't have been more excited to witness the red carpet with J-Law and Liam Hemsworth. So in between class we dashed over a few tube stops to Leicester Square and saw the magical red carpet.  My friend Clare was even interviewed by someones YouTube page and won us all mocking jay pins! Unfortunately we had to go back to our night class and we missed all of the stars but after class we went back and got a close-up view of all of them leaving the theater! Well... all but the one personal I wanted to see the most Jennifer Lawrence AKA Katniss Everdeen. But all in all just another casual night in London ;)

President Snow!

Primrose Everdeen!

Aaaaaand Liam Hemsworth, Ladies 

The Americans Are Coming!

This past week I had a few visitors! My mom, dad, and sister all flew out to come see me... or "for their anniversary" but I'll pretend they really came for one reason: me. We saw shows such as The Lion King and 2 ballets at the Royal Opera House - Rite of Spring and Romeo and Juliette. I have never actually seen a proper ballet before and it was an experience I will never forget.  I even brought my sister to The Comedy Store with the LBS group to show her some of the infamous British humor I experience so often here. I took my parents, sister, and even brought Tyler along, to the best Chinese restaurant in London: Royal China.

It was so nice to be able to have my family come over here (even if they are loud and slow americans) so I didn't have to go over there since I am nowhere near ready to go home yet.  But I'll see you guys in less than a month now... that is if I actually get on the plane or not.

Life's not to shabby when your parents come and you can take a SHOWER and get breakfast in bed. 

Curry in London was a must at Masala Zone too 

my mom and I at Romeo and Juliette 

things got weird at the V&A...


and lastly a picture of these dopes on the tube... hehehe