Thursday, November 7, 2013


The last four days of our trip we spent in Rome. We did all the touristy things of course like the Colosseum, Spanish Steps (whatever those are), and Trevi Fountain (my favorite place in Rome) as well as much much more - which means eating gelato... maybe ever 21 flavors for some of us. I will get to that later.

First, we traveled by train which is my new favorite way of traveling.  I got a big leather seat and no one in the seat in front of me or behind so I kicked up my feet and laid back.  My seat (even though I paid as much as my friends) was in business class! So I got a warm towelette, drink, and snack.

On the first night we got to Rome we decided to see how big Rome actually is (compared to London that is) so we WALKED to the Trevi Fountain from our hostel which was basically on the outskirts of Rome. And I must say not too bad. Walking long distances has become somewhat of a norm these days and I will probably have to throw away all of my shoes from this semester at the end of it.  Everyone knows that at the Trevi Fountain you have to make a wish and throw a coin in! If you throw one that means you come back to Rome and if you throw 2 that means you will fall in love.  I threw one... which I may be regretting now if it comes true. But all in good fun!

The next morning we explored the Spanish Steps... still don't know the significance but I'm sure my mother will explain it to me (when I see her in LONDON!!!) and the Pantheon which sort of blew our minds.  How could they build a place of worship for martyrs that large that long ago!? 

Then we found a food market with the freshest fruits and vegetables which was pretty common for all of Rome. Probably one of the better aspects, for me. 

Then we saw whatever this was... 

And it was off to the colosseum and the Roman Forums. Which in my opinion has the same importance to me as the Eiffel Tower... you've seen it once, you've seen it a million times. There's also another reason I hated the colosseum which I'll get to shortly.... sense the anger in this text. 

And JJ wanted to celebrate the start of his 21st birthday at the colosseum so that's pretty cool that he can say he had his "first drink" at the colosseum but he had a mission for the next day so after he finished his beer we went back to the hostel and went to bed. 

OH and remember when I said I hated the colosseum... that's because I GOT POOPED ON BY A PIGEON! ON MY WHITE SHIRT! I hate all the pigeons in the world. 

But the next day was JJ's birthday and he had a plan in mind... most people (stupid people that is) try to do 21 shots on their birthday.  JJ is not most people.  He was determined to do 21 flavors of GELATO! The safer alternative. 

Our first stop of the day was a place called Romana and if you ever get a chance to go to Rome GO THERE. Kayla and I found it a few days before and it was life changing. They put melted chocolate in the cone and then HEAP gelato on and top it off with fresh whipped cream. He had to have this first since we could only imagine he would be sick of gelato by the end of the day and he had to savor this place. 

He then had some only 30 minutes later at the Trevi... still enjoying it. 

Starting to regret his decisions....

And the day was coming to a close.  After a birthday dinner at the Hard Rock we ran around trying to find a gelato place that was still open. With only 30 minutes left in the day we found a place! Someone was not necessarily thrilled... safe to say he never wants gelato for a long time. 

And then there was this guy... "the prince"

The entire time kayla and I searched for cannolis high and low and we could not find them anywhere! However on the last night we succeeded! Not necessarily traditional but cannolis to say the least.  

We went to bed and the next morning we were up early for the Vatican.... On the last sunday of the month when it's free... and packed... and just happened to be one of the rare days when the pope gives mass. However, we missed the pope. oh well. we saw the sistine chapel though! Which had to be one of the most ridiculous experiences.  You weren't allowed to take photos OR TALK! how did they honestly expect people to not talk about one of, if not the most, famous painting in the world!? and then the guards would get on the loud speaker and say "SILENCE! Silencio! SHHHH!" you couldn't help but laugh. 

How can you take these guards seriously? I mean they look like jesters!

We did meet a lady and her sister from Canada that did send a picture from mass though! 

AND THEN WE FINALLY WERE ON OUR WAY BACK TO LONDON! I could not have been more excited. But of course it happened to be a "bad storm" that could affect the tubes and trains.... please. London clearly never gets actual bad weather because when we landed this supposed storm was just rain with added wind. We finally figured out the night buses, trudged through the "storm" and went to bed. Could not be happier to be back in London. Nothing compares.  Rome was fun. There's definitely a lot to do there but for me London is home! 

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