Saturday, October 12, 2013

London Eye and Greenwich

As part of our trip we were fortunate enough to be able to go on the London Eye and visit Greenwich! However, it happened to be the worst weather we have seen yet.  Luckily it didn't rain while we were in the eye but the walking tour around Greenwich had to be the worst. At least I can say I stood at the middle of the earth!

One of my professors!

LBS on the meridian! 

Scotland: Final day - Loch Ness

It was so sad when I realized this was the last day we had in Scotland.... it was the first time on a trip I wasn't excited to go back to London. I still love London but if you ever get the chance I highly recommend the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye - actually just everything about Scotland. GO THERE. NOW.

On this last day we were on a time crunch because we had to get to Edinburgh to get our train back home but we did manage to see Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, the Culloden Battle Grounds in Inverness, and of course more and more scenery which none of these pictures can even compare to.

Fortunately, it looks like I will be able to go back to Scotland to see my dear friend Jessica Biggs (even if it is only for a night)! I can't believe we were so close yet I still did not get the chance to see her.  We were both at Loch Ness at the same time but Loch Ness happens to be 23 MILES long...... and of course were at opposite ends of it.

And you bet your bottom dollar I found the Loch Ness monster.

The castle with the most sightings of Nessie 


Scotland: Day 3 - Isle of Skye to Loch Ness

After a delayed start to our day.... (this goes with the story I was talking about in my last post) we set off to explore the Isle of Skye! We stopped at the Sligachan River where it is said you can gain eternal youth by putting your face in the water for 7 seconds (naturally, I did it), we also went to the wishing falls where you must put water in your mouth from the top of the falls and spit it out at a rock at the bottom of the falls while making a wish and your wish will come true! We ate lunch in Portree, the capital of the Isle of Skye, and 3 girls and I hiked up to the watchtower where we saw more amazing views, I tried some official scottish shortbread, we went to the battle grounds of the battle of Glenshiel, saw "loch arctic", and ended the night at Morag's Hostel in Loch Ness where we got a real demonstration of how to fold a kilt (Mel Gibson's exact Kilt from Braveheart actually).

Our awesome tour guide!