Saturday, October 12, 2013

Scotland: Day 2 - Venture to the Isle of Skye

Sorry for not blogging sooner about Scotland! Things have gotten quite hectic with midterms this week, planning for all adventures to come, preparing for my PARENTS!!! and dealing with this constant cold that I am praying to each and every god will go away before Thursday when I leave for 3 cities: Venice, Florence, AND Rome!

The second day of Scotland we woke up quite early and realized we had all survived our first night in a hostel! Smart City Hostel in Edinburgh to be exact. On this day we saw things like Glencoe, The William Wallace Monument, Hamish the cow (don't quite remember why he was famous but he sure was cute!), The Commando Memorial (yes that's where "going commando" comes from), Eilean Donan Castle, and SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL scenery.  I always said that Maui was my favorite place on planet earth, maybe even the universe, but I just hadn't seen enough of this planet to make that decision! Sooooo until further notice, the countryside of Scotland is my favorite place on earth.  Oh and did I mention I tried Haggis? If you don't know what it is I have warned you if you decide to look it up. But it really wasn't that bad.  When is Scotland do as the Scottish do right!? After the day was over we ended up in the Isle of Skye and stayed at Saucy Mary's Hostel.... and it sure was saucy - but that's another story.

My pride and joy! Didn't use flash! 

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