Friday, November 8, 2013

St. Andrews!

So this past weekend I was lucky enough to find a decently priced train ticket up to St. Andrews to play some golf. Just kidding! To see a friend who left all of us 4 years ago to go to university all the way in Scotland! Unfortunately the day I got there it was really crappy weather so I didn't take any pictures but hey I still saw where Prince William stayed in the dorms when he attended school there. That night we went to a dinner at one of Jess's friends homes and I learned a pretty fun game that I will teaching many when I get home. And the next day was Raisin... A St. Andrew's tradition that is hard to explain so ask me in person if you're interested. But mostly we spent the 2 days I had there doing our usual thing: vegging out, watching Made in Chelsea, and we even pulled out some old dance videos that we were well worth watching.

Who remembers Knights of the Roundtable??

And here are some pictures for old times sake!

St. Andrew's was just as beautiful as the rest of scotland! I'm insanely jealous that one on my friends actually lives there! But now I have a nice excuse to go back :)

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