Sunday, September 29, 2013

Food Festival!

If you know me you know I LOVE food. If you don't love food then we are probably not friends. Yesterday there was a food festival on the Thames. It actually reminded me of home a little because it was similar to Taste of Madison but less crowded. We got to what we thought was the food festival with about 25 stands set up to later realize there were about 40 more stands set up closer to the river.

There was food from all over! I settled on spicy curry over yellow rice.

And I got some fudge that apparently is sold in Harrods

Oh and we saw a sheep shearing demonstration where after he sheared one sheep the other four did a little dance. Such talented sheep!

My lovely roommates Kayla and Clare eating churros and chocolate.

I tried ginger beer for the first time! 

Then we came across a book market - so many books.

 Some stands from the food festival

And some street performers making gigantic bubbles

All in all a good weekend so far. All we have left is the Vikings football (American Football that is) game tonight. Go Vikes?? However, I am not going to bring my camera (not photo worthy anyway in my opinion) but I'll take a few pictures on my iPhone so I can share the experience with you guys! 

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