Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Whole Week!

I have officially been in London for a week! I've suffered from jet lag, conquered public transportation, made new friends, seen new things, started class, and have made memories that I will never forget! Today was our second day of class and all I had was art history. My professor walked into the room and looked as if she had popped out of an old Chanel ad - she's adorable! The class, like my intercultural communication class is a long one. However, instead of sitting in a classroom getting lectured at for 4 hours we get to do things like go to museums from time to time! And today was no exception. We went to The National Gallery for our very first class.  Now I can't take pictures inside... and don't really remember which ones we looked at... so I can't even upload any from google. But our next class meets there again next week so I'll make sure to jot down which paintings we focused on.  AND on top of that, our next class won't meet until 10 AM! Cheers to sleeping in!

After class a few of us got lunch at Pret A Manger and sat in Trafalgar square.

We then broke off into smaller groups.  While some went to Oxford Street to do some shopping Tyler and I, who had already been to Oxford Street a few times, wanted to explore Covent Garden - a place that had been recommended to me by someone who grew up in England.  I absolutely fell in love with that area! So many cute boutiques and shops.  I didn't end up buying anything though... at least not today. I'm sure I'll be there again sometime soon.

First I stopped in a candy store and found some things people said were impossible to find in the UK. HA! Proved them wrong.

look at all that American goodness! 

Next I stopped in a crafty little store and did a bit of goofing around... "I mustache you a question...

...But I'll shave it for later"

In Covent Garden there is something called the Apple Market and that's where I found these... Everyone needs a good tube map while they're in London right? 

From all this walking my blood sugar started to get a little low and Tyler and I stopped in to get a little treat at Creme de la Crêpe where we split a Nutella and banana crêpe called a "cheeky monkey" 

mmmm! delicious! (can't wait for the real deal in Paris in a few weeks though!)

And since Tyler had been such a good sport all day following me into pink crêpe shops, clothing stores, and boutiques we hoped on the picadilly line to King's Cross Station to see Platform 9 3/4.  If you don't know what Platform 9 3/4 is then you are not cool or never caught on to the Harry Potter craze that lasted FOREVER.  To be honest, I never got into the books when they were popular and have only read the first 3 (I don't even think I read them until college even).  I watched all the movies this summer and fell in love with it but I can't consider myself a true fan since I haven't read the books. However, if you know anything about Tyler you know that he eats, breathes, lives and dies for HP. I'm serious. He wore the round glasses, dressed as Harry for halloween (multiple times), had a HP themed bedroom, woke his poor mother up at 4 AM to read the books to him (only until he learned how to read), and cried when he didn't get his letter to Hogwarts when he turned 11..... we still love him though! 

Like a kid in a candy store... or a young wizard in Ollivanders getting his first wand. 

(Had to borrow this picture from Tyler because of course he has already visited Platform 9 3/4 prior....)

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