Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trafalgar Square

Took a nice walk down Oxford street and a short tube ride to Trafalgar Square today.  Also, ate lunch at a farmer's market near campus where I ate 2 sausages in a bun from a stand called Giggly Pig and had a brownie sundae for desert with chocolate and raspberry ice cream! I think I finally have the tube down and even got to ride in a double decker bus today to Muswell Hill to the "church pub" aka the stomping ground for Americans and even more specifically London Business Semester students from years past.  (don't really understand why people speak so highly about it but maybe one day soon I will... ) anyway, here are some photos from today!

Also, I experienced the tube at it's worst. This morning when we were leaving at 8:30 to get to our 9:30 meeting we noticed a hold up at the Tufnell Park station and were not allowed in. However, the trains finally started running and we left at 9:30 and arrived to our meeting at around 10:15.  Good thing classes don't start until monday!

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