Friday, September 13, 2013

Business 200

Sorry I haven't blogged recently. I'm still alive! Every Wednesday I fortunately do not have any class but I do have my volunteering.  I have about an hour commute to Wix Primary School where I get to work with year one students (so basically kindergarten).  The cool thing about Wix is that the classes are taught half in English and half in French. Luckily, the French takes place in the afternoon and I am only there in the morning.  I'm so excited to spend a few hours with some of the cutest kids like Barnaby, Dylan, Cherry, Milan (the trouble maker....maybe not so excited about him) and so many more.  Business 200 is 40 hours of community service with a non-profit organization that all business majors have to complete to graduate from the University of St. Thomas.  I'm a little confused on how working with first year students at a private (which means public to us americans) school will help me with business but hopefully it is very beneficial.  Either way, I'll be giving back to a community that I am only a part of for a little amount of time and I think that will have a greater impact on me and the school!

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