Friday, September 13, 2013


Today we woke up early... after a night out and rode a bus for 2 hours to Brighton - a quaint seaside town on the coast of the English Channel.  Unlike our last cultural event (the palace...) this happened to be quite nice!

We thought maybe it would be sandy beaches but no, just rocks. Thank goodness we weren't barefoot!

And then we saw this little nugget! Everyone knows how much I love puppies...

2023 Dorothy Helen Stules (whoever that is)

We stopped at the Royal Pavilion but were not allowed to take any photos inside like most places we seem to be going. But this place was amazing. The dining hall was by far my favorite with crystal stemware, gigantic chandeliers, and chinese inspired decor.

Some of us got lunch at a place called Ohso (because we were "ohso hungry" laugh to humor me please).  We all ordered fish and chips because we found that rather suiting on the beach near the water. 

The sun even came out for awhile before the rain! 

Even the mayo is watching you... a little big brother-ish? 

We then spent the day exploring "the lanes" with all the shops and restaurants and the Brighton Pier. 

If you look closely you can see a sailboat! 

And ended the day with a cup of english breakfast tea

And just for kicks - here's a picture of Ty and me (I heard he put a link to my blog on his for all of his family to see so I thought they would enjoy this too!) 

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