Monday, September 9, 2013

Dreadful Monday

Well after a full and exciting weekend of seeing some sights, going to a pub with Tyler's host sister Jessica who really showed us what Camden Town at night is really like, and experiencing the night bus for the first time (note to self: never sit on the top....) it dawned on me that classes started on monday. If mondays were not already bad enough the gods of class scheduling decided to schedule mondays as the busiest days. Ever. Today I woke up around 7:30, proceeded with my usual morning schedule (hitting snooze 6 or 7 times), jumped on the crowded and sweaty rush hour tube and made it to class (in record time in fact! I have conquered public transport!).

First class of the day was marketing, hopefully something I become rather fond of considering I might spend the rest of my life doing just that.  Now it was only 9 AM on a monday morning so my comments on this class are as follows - I liked it.  Give me some time to settle in.  Second class was Business Ethics which I thought would be a draaaaag.  I mean "business ethics" is somewhat of an oxymoron anyway.  However, to my pleasant surprise, it ended up being quite interesting and I think that class will be rather beneficial (however, my optimism right now in the semester is at an all time high). Both of these classes are the ones taught by our UST professors and meet for 2 hours a day twice a week. In the afternoon we had to do a culture workshop that told me basically everything I already know.... luckily this was just a one time thing.

After the workshop we had some time off where I caught dinner with Tyler and his roommate JJ at a "fast food" sushi joint called Wasabi which was rather fairly priced and pretty decent quality.  This is where monday got absolutely dreadful.  The gods of class scheduling decided to put Intercultural Communications at 5:45 PM.  Do you even want to know when it ends? No. But I'll tell you. 9:15 AM!!! just kidding it's PM but STILL!! Just imagine 50 "loud" (the brits think we're loud.... we are) americans in one room for that long at that time. To me that was basically hell. At least the professor's witty british accent might keep me intrigued.  I then jumped on the tube almost getting squished by the doors this time and headed back to Tufnell Park where I took my evening bath because the mornings are for family only and now am off to bed! My cold has evolved from a cough to a soar throat.  I can't seem to catch a break here but luckily Boots pharmacy has everything to fix my poor sick self. Goodnight, lovelies! Or good afternoon I suppose!

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