Monday, December 9, 2013

Where I spent my Thanksgiving... Interlaken/Zurich, Switzerland

While everyone was at home feasting on stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey, LBS was off on our last excursion of the semester.  But most definitely one for the books.  We were going to Switzerland!! This was one of the coolest trips for me because Switzerland was never somewhere I had ever thought about going. Ever. In my whole life. Without this study abroad trip I probably never would have gone to Switzerland. We stayed in a little city called Interlaken and were free to do whatever we wanted the whole time.  The night we got there we got off the plane, jumped on a bus for an hour and half, and then finally arrived at Baulmer's Hostel.  It was dark when we got there so we couldn't even see the alps but we knew we were there. We were all starving so we looked for the only thing open. Don't judge me when I tell you were I had my Thanksgiving dinner..... Hooters. It might not have been turkey and stuffy but hey, the wings tasted just like the ones at home! Then it was off to bed.  The next morning we woke up to an amazing view of the Swiss Alps.  The weekend was just beginning! 

They even served us thanksgiving dinner! However it was on Friday and not Thursday but it was complete with turkey, carrots, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and even dessert (but not pumpkin pie).  Not quite like my normal thanksgiving but I'll take it!  

The next day we were off to Zurich for a little day trip that has the world's largest Christmas Market. It was a lovely city. However, I really wish they would have told us it was the second most expensive city in the world BEFORE I had signed up for the day trip.  They only thing I ended up buying was food and some very nice chocolate from Sprüngli and an apple strudel from the Christmas Market which was delicious but probably the only good thing about the market. 

The next day I headed up to a little mountain town called Grindelwald.  We had to take the bus to the train and then the train up the mountain which was spectacular in itself because we got the best views. It was Sunday so most everything was closed but it was a really cute town and a nice little walk for the last day in Switzerland. 

And I might have done something a tad bit adventurous, mom and dad. BUT I assure you it was the safest thing I could have done. A girl tore her ACL skiing for crying out loud! others jumped off canyons with just a rope and others fell from planes skydiving. Be happy all I did was paragliding. Plus I got THE best views of Interlaken EVER! 

I mean look how much fun I am having! 

Look at that view! 

Hope I'll be back one day!

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