Saturday, December 28, 2013

100 Quirky Things I'll Never Forget (because I'm writing them down...)

1. The wobbly sidewalks
2. The cobblestone
3. The Tube
4. Red post boxes and telephone booths
5. 57 Tytherton Rd. Tufnell Park
6. The zebra cross walks
7. Z="zed"
8. "busting", "jokes", "posh", "proper", "pissed"
9. Never sit on the top of night buses...
10. The passcode to get into Dilke House
11. The food market behind Birkbeck
12. The fact that we never actually knew the name of our school. Birkbeck? UCL?
14. The christmas present my home-stay family got me that I wasn't allowed to open until Christmas
15. Sandy the "ginga ninja"
16. BBC radio ALWAYS playing at home
17. Charlie yelling at Gabe each and every morning to wake up
18. Gwen threatening Gabe to come eat dinner "Gabe, I'm so hungry I'm going to kill you!"
19. The first dinner I ever had with my home-stay family in the backyard with a candelabra and feast to feed 20
20. My awful jet-lag for the first week and a half....
21. The time I puked on the bus and the train on the way to the airport for mid-term break and the fact that I almost didn't go because of it
22.  When I got pooped on by a pigeon at the colosseum
23.  The sales clerk at the convenience store in Florence who probably knew us by name and that we only bought 3 euro bottles of wine but he still gave us free cups and opened our bottles for us. (we were still his most loyal customers)
24. The fact that Toff's isn't open on Sundays
25. The fact that NOTHING is open on Sundays
26. Zara (the scarves to be exact), Topshop, Mango, Harrods, Brandy Melville, (I'll even throw in Primark... there super comfy tights were a god send) ALL OF OXFORD STREET
27. Royal China and all its greatness
28. Byron's Proper Hamburgers!
29. The time it poured when we went to Greenwich
30. The time it never rained the last 3 weeks we were there
31. Double decker buses and double decker candy bars
32. Kinder Buenos, Crunchie bars, Jaffa Cakes, Digestives
33. TEA!
34. High Tea with my parents at the Four Seasons... yummmm clotted cream
35. Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull
36. Pub Golf
37. The infamous GoPros that captured so many moments
38. Learning to use my fancy shmancy camera
39. Nights in with my roommates/bffs
40. My 49 new friends
41. Catching Fire world premiere and watching the first midnight premiere at the Odeon
42. Roxy
43. The McDonald's next to Roxy...
44. Glenn's
45. The AIFS staff. Honestly, what would we have done without them?
46. Bunny Little's Bakery
47. When JJ didn't know who the Prime Minister was.......
48. When Clare took bus 4 one stop down our street. By herself.
49. Mornington Crescent. No one gets on, no one gets off. Ever.
50. "Baby on board!" pins
51. "Mind the gap"
52. "There is a delay on the northern line because of someone under the tracks"
53. The time Gianna flung her entire glass of wine on me.... but I forgive you!!!
54. The fact that I have now seen the mona lisa, the david, and the Sistine Chapel.
55. When we saw the David and the Trevi Fountain in the same day
56. When I got to sit in business class on the train for the same price as everyone else and they didn't sit in business class LOL
57. bed bugs in hostels...
58. The people we kept running into in Italy from Notre Dame.
59. Every time Kayla would work out and I would just sit there probably eating
60. Stand on the right walk on the left. It's not hard.
61. The silence of the tube :)
62. My favorite place: Hyde Park
63. The view the last night from Alexandra Palace and the multiple shooting stars we saw that night.
64. The Clique
65. Tripping on the uneven sidewalks
66. How I really didn't like markets...
67. Linda Bolton. Such a cute professor! And when I ran into her on one of the last days (outside of the National Gallery of course)
68. Big Ben. I was mesmerized every time I saw him.
69. Paragliding in Switzerland and everyone else's crazy jumps and how they talked about their videos for at least 2 weeks......
70. All the books we read
71. Minesweeper
72. Ladurée macaroons and how much money I spent on them..... stupid me.
73. The restaurant Claire took us to in Paris where we had those giant happy hour drinks
74. Cider and the sweet realization that Strongbow is sold in the US!
75. When Brits hated Americans but didn't know where Minnesota was
76. Those marketing exams and business ethics journals...
77. The little minions I got to spend four hours with a week at Wix and was really sad to say goodbye to
78. When my teacher from busn200 gave me a bottle of mulled wine as a gift and a huge card from the kids
79. When my family came and I realized how much I had changed
80. When Doug chugged a Guinness and strangers video tapped it
81. When my home-stay parents woke up at 5:00 am to bid us farewell
82. FIsh and Chips being the most delicious meal ever
83. The Londoner blog that was practically my bible
84. When we never knew which classroom to go to
85. Screen-less windows
86. Hand washing all of our dishes
87. My oyster card and ancient Nokia
88. Walking fast and talking quietly. The opposite from at home.
89. Getting my eyebrows threaded at Blink in the basement of Topshop. Yeah, I know...
90. "calling" nessie at Loch Ness
91. When a stranger gave me tissues when I was upset. Thanks, stranger.
92. When JJ got us even more lost in Rome and ate 21 flavors of Gelato in the same day
93. Seeing one of my best friends in Scotland and celebrating raisin with her...
94. When Clare bought Tartan tights in Scotland
95. Everything Collin said
96. Kirb-stomp. LBS would not have been the same without that little nugget.
97. Some coins are worth 1 and 2 pounds.
98. Tesco and Sainsbury's and Budgens. Constantly having to grocery shop there because there are no preservatives in food there.
99. Switching peanut butter for nutella. Not even sorry.
100. London. A city where you can find something new everyday.

Thanks for the memories, London, Scotland, France, Italy, Switzerland, LBS

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