Friday, December 6, 2013

Shakespeare's Globe Theater/Tower of London

Last week we had 2 more cultural activities: The Globe Theater and The Tower of London.  As most people jetted off to Rome, Dublin, and Prague a few of us stuck around to see London.  The first stop was the Globe Theater.  We split up into two groups and got a tour around the theater.  We even got to see backstage as well as stand on the actual stage! The tour guide quizzed us on Romeo and Juliette... which I totally aced considering I had just seen the ballet the night before.  The theater itself is actually a replica after the original burned down. It has an open ceiling to let natural light in.  The seating is circular giving it a more intimate feel.  The best seats in the house (in Shakespeare's time) were actually on the top behind the stage - this is so that everyone else could see them and understand their level of status.  Today that might seem odd because those aren't necessarily the best viewing seats.  However, plays were not meant to be watched, they were meant to be listened to.

And then we went to the Tower of London.  Did you know people still live there!? In more residential living but imagine having your address be Tower of London. The coolest part about the tower of London was the crown jewels! However, no photos allowed. There was a diamond the size of my fist! 

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