Monday, December 9, 2013

Bath, Glastonbury, & Stonehenge

For our last overnight trip (besides our final true trip to Switzerland) we got to see a good part of the countryside of England.  We did a one night overnight in Bath and visited Stonehenge and Glastonbury as well.  

Our first stop was this weird dome.... a dome that literally has no purpose whatsoever. 

Then started "the stone" part of the trip.  This was the first set of stones we visited and you can actually walk inside of them.  Inside they think there are up to 40+ people buried.  

Then there were these stones which all made a circle.  You can kind of tell by looking but you can't actually see the whole circle from one point.  

Then we went to Bath and visited the roman baths.  In its day Bath was considered the Vegas of England.  A very happening place to gamble and party and hang out in the baths I guess.... 

hee hee this little man is naked... meant to resemble what it was really like back then 

The next day we went to Glastonbury which is really just famous for ONE thing.... Glastonbury Music Festival! But that happens in the summer......... soooooo what else do you do in Glastonbury? You hike to the top of the Glastonbury Tor! It was a long hike up a muddy hill and I did not bring my rain boots for whatever reason. Regretting it now. But we got the most spectacular views! 

and I met a little dog named Toto! Such a friendly little bugga'! 

After we had walked around all of Glastonbury in an hour (since it was really just that small) we decided to stop so Kayla could use the loo.  We walked into a cafe where I saw someone drinking the most spectacular hot chocolate.  I obviously had to have one.  It did not only have marshmallows AND whipped cream but they topped it off with a Flake bar! 

Then we made it to our final destination: Stonehenge! Should I tell you about the car park because I think I should. Our guide Russell could not stop talking about the awful car park and the awful coffee at the gift shop. It ruins the whole effect of Stonehenge since it's too close and cars are basically driving right by.  However, if you were to visit stonehenge next month you will have to walk a mile up to see it from the car park but there is a brand new visitors center with better coffee! 

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