Saturday, December 28, 2013

A day in the life abroad

I realized all I was really blogging about was the trips and events and made it seem like that was all I ever did.  I swear I went to class! Therefore I thought I would "walk"you through a typical day abroad.

I wake up at 7:30, get dressed, prepare my backpack, and go downstairs to eat breakfast which usually consisted of toast, crumpets, english muffins (or do they just call them muffins?), or cereal.

Then at 8:00 we leave the house walk down Tytherton Rd.

Turn left past Bunny Little's Bakery and Budgen's grocery.

Turn right down Tufnell Park Rd. with everyone taking there kids to school and everyone going to work to the Tufnell Park tube station to hop on the rush hour tube

We have to check the signs to make sure we are getting on a train that says either Kennington (via Charing x) or Morden (via Charing x).  You really don't want the Bank branch...

I cram myself in the tube under someone's arm and put my backpack between my legs. I usually pass the time by reviewing notes for class on my iPhone or reading a good book like Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl" (highly recommend it by the way) because the tube is silent and perfect in that way.

If we're lucky we get to class around 8:35 and have some down time to grab a coffee from Costa, Starbucks, Cafe Nero, or Patisserie Valerie (or just coffee at ULU if all we have is a 1.30).  However, sometimes there are delays on the tube and we have to wait a while to get on a train and if it's bad enough we have to take the 134 bus all the way there.  That's why we leave so early!

After my first class: Marketing, we all congregate at ULU to have lunch.

After lunch we go to our second class. For me it's Business Ethics. 

Then the rest of the day we have free to explore London (or sleep... we don't get much of that so when you can we cherish those moments)

And at the end of the day I get back on the tube, go 6 stops to Tufnell Park, walk down Tytherton Road and plan for the rest of my time in London!

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